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Make a Difference

Donate an Appliance

Donations of appliances are used for employee training and are then resold at affordable prices. Pivot Point provides a courtesy pick-up of major appliances. Call 989-244-8888 to schedule a pick-up time or drop off your donation at 308 East Lyon, Midland- Michigan. All donations are tax deductible.

By donating your appliance:

  • You are providing valuable job training

  • You are supporting the efforts of individuals and families to purchase necessary household items (regardless of income levels) 

  • You are reducing waste that is going to landfills and keeping our community cleaning

Donate Financially

By donating financially you:

  • Support our ability to pay wages and provide necessary training 

    • It costs approximately $2,420 to employ one participant for a month ​

  • Provide individuals with the tools necessary for employment as well as life. 

    • Participants earn a tool kit valued at ~$300 after 480 hours of employment ​

  • Outfit individuals with necessary workwear 

  • Ensure that appliance pick-up continues to be a no-cost community service and delivery rates remain minimal

  • Ensure that appliances that can be repaired are restored and resold at reasonable rates

Donate Your Time

By donating your time you:

  • Become a part of the transforming power in people's lives

  • Maximize the gifts God has blessed you with

  • Have direct connection to the area of this ministry that most resonates with you. Opportunities might include but are not limited to: 

    • Working with a shop team member to diagnose, repair, clean, or recycle appliances ​

    • Assist with deliveries and pick-up of appliances 

    • Support customer service efforts by answering phones, assisting with sales, responding to emails, and social media

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