Removing Barriers to Employment

There are many people in our community who have a desire to improve their lives, careers, and step up from where they were at previous points in their life to where they would like to be. Sometimes, there are different variables and barriers that stand in the way of people reaching that next level. Some of those barriers may be addiction, criminal background, lack of education, unstable living conditions, etc. Pivot Point is a place that removes those barriers for people who are making the effort to change directions from where they were to where they want to go.

Serving the Community by Stretching their Dollar

Pivot Point is a non-profit organization that operates by taking in donated appliances, repairing and cleaning those appliances to give them a new life instead of going to a landfill.  Then we are able to re-sell them to the community for an affordable price.

Here at Pivot Point, everyone can have an opportunity to have everyday household appliances that they might not otherwise be able to purchase at a store selling them for full price.